susanSusan Q. Sedler
We are very happy for our long-time colleague, and wish to announce that Susan Q. Sedler has retired from Bloom, Gross & Associates after having contributed fifteen years to our firm.  Susan launched her recruiting career in 1983, and for ten of those years, owned and managed her own search business.  Susan’s early career was focused on advertising media at FCB/Chicago.  Susan successfully guided the Bloom, Gross & Associates Integrated Marketing specialty in brand communications, media marketing management, Internet marketing and digital/ecommerce.  She was instrumental to the success and training of her fellow associates in these very specialized areas, so that they would seamlessly step in to handle all future searches.

Susan is a lifelong learner and feels that it is very important to “give back.”  We are confident that many people will benefit from her retirement activities and we thank her for her many contributions to our firm.  We wish her a happy and fulfilling retirement.

If you have questions about the Integrated Marketing Practice, please contact Karen Bloom at 312-654-4552.