From ‘Goods’ to Better Experiences: 5 Questions with Interbrand Consumer Branding MD Brian Erdman

Brian Erdman talks about the importance of innovation within the workforce. Companies need to adapt to succeed.

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It’s the End of Agencies as We Know It. Here’s Where We Go Next

As we know the marketing industry is becoming more competitive by the minute, and with new technology it’s becoming harder for older businesses to keep up with the younger ones. There are four suggestions that may help them.

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What do PR Pros Love Most about Their Jobs?

From creating concepts to building relationships with their clients, here are some of the reasons why employees love their jobs when it comes to public relations.

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Ten Signs You’re Wasting Your Talent in the Wrong Job

Do you feel unappreciated at work to the point that you don’t want to go anymore? Here ten signs that indicate you are wasting your time and talent at your job.

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Meet Sophia

Are you ready for the world of AI?  Will Sophia be working with you one day soon?

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Amazon, Tide Top Ad Age’s New Super Bowl Ad Rankings with Morning Consult

The Super Bowl is not only a huge event for the sports industry but for the business industry as well. Many use this event to advertise their products by creating entertaining commercials that will attract potential buyers.  Here are all the commercials with their rankings as most effective and entertaining.

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How to Profit From the Ultra-Tight Job Market Right Now

Recruiting candidates has become more difficult because nowadays not every company is requiring certain aspects (i.e. educational degrees) that they once were. Many of them are bending the rules for candidates that show signs of potential. Here is an article that shows what type of candidates companies are looking for.

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These Two Simple Exercises Can Help You Radically Rethink Your Career

Ideally, once we feel unhappy with our jobs we either quit or brainstorm other jobs we are qualified to do. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help in the long run. It just takes care of a temporary problem. So here are two exercises that will help you plan out the career that you want.

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7 Online Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

As we know some trends come and go, and some are more resourceful than others. Here are some trends that are expected to make a big impact in the marketing world in 2018.

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Talent Acquisition Trends and Predictions for 2018

Ever wonder what’s the next trend and/or change that will occur within the business industry? Here are some predictions that could change the industry.

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