Why Employers Hire ‘Curious’ Candidates and How to Demonstrate Curiosity in Interviews

Nowadays, companies are starting to hire candidates who show traits of curiosity when they’re being interviewed. They especially want candidates who are willing to learn new things, are innovative, creative, and empathetic.  So, the next time you’re being interviewed for a job, ask questions. This could be a deal-breaker when it comes to getting the job you want.

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Those Lazy Days

As summer hits, it gets harder and harder to go to work. Productivity drops and some call off to enjoy their summer, causing many companies to hate summer. This article offers up creative ideas on how to make work more enjoyable for employees.

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When It Comes to Marketing, Women Are the Original Social Network

According to Pew Research study on U.S. online users, women participate more on major social networks than men. Therefore when it comes to marketing, companies have found creative ways to attract women’s attention to their product.

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Amazon’s Jobs Fair Sends Clear Message: Now Hiring Thousands

As Amazon geared up for its’ first Jobs Day fair in Romeoville, the online tech company main focus was to hire people for warehouse jobs.

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New Research Explores Why PR CEO Must Drive Industry Diversity

According to this article, CEOs must be more hands on when it comes to including diversity within their companies. They, as leaders, should create an environment that amplifies creativity from all different backgrounds and genders.

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A New Look at Millennials’ Favorite Brands Shows a Few Surprise Climbing the List

According to YouGov BrandIndex, public-perception research firm, millennials are willing to spend money on brands who adapt to current times. In other words, if those companies provide current technology to their consumers they will spend money on them.

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Help Your Employees Unplug With a Summer Email Slimdown

Do you get a sudden urge to respond to each email you receive from work right away? Does it get to the point that you aren’t enjoying your time away from work? This article provides some tips on how workers can cut down emails to let their co-workers enjoy their time off during the summer.

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Employees Who Stay in Companies Longer Than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less

According to this article, the longer you stay at your company the less you’ll be making. Regardless of the raise you were given, odds are another company is willing to give you more for your skills.

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Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Ads Globally

As we know ads are everywhere. From TV commercials to the buses you ride to the websites you visit. You can’t get away from them, and now they’re in your Facebook Messenger. Facebook has come up with an idea to let companies send out ads to people’s messenger. Originally this was first tested out in Australia and Thailand, and after some success Facebook is expanding this worldwide.

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PRWeek U.S. Power List 2017

As we know there are many obstacles that people have to face within the communication industry. Here is a list of those who have gone above and beyond within the PR Industry.

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