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What do PR Pros Love Most about Their Jobs?

From creating concepts to building relationships with their clients, here are some of the reasons why employees love their jobs when it comes to public relations.

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Meet Sophia

Are you ready for the world of AI?  Will Sophia be working with you one day soon?

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Amazon, Tide Top Ad Age’s New Super Bowl Ad Rankings with Morning Consult

The Super Bowl is not only a huge event for the sports industry but for the business industry as well. Many use this event to advertise their products by creating entertaining commercials that will attract potential buyers.  Here are all the commercials with their rankings as most effective and entertaining.

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5 Characteristics of Great Managers

In order to become a great leader in the workforce one must exemplify certain characteristics that will make them great. This article gives five traits that would make any manager an outstanding leader.

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7 Crucial PR Metrics to Gauge

Why is it that PR professionals don’t receive more praise for their work? Some argue it’s because you can’t really measure their efforts. Well, here are seven ways that will help track and improve PR’s efforts.

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7 Interesting Conversation Starters to Help You Avoid Small Talk

Do you hate those awkward small talks that everyone tries to avoid? Well, here are seven tips on how to start a conversation with someone without all that awkwardness. So the next time you are at a business, social, or family event you can use these conversation starters.

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PRWeek Awards Shortlist Announced

Once again this year Karen Bloom had the honor of serving as a judge for the PRWeek Awards. We want to congratulate the people and organizations that have made the short list. Best of luck to all.

Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!  Please don’t ghost us!  We need your input and you, in return, can be entered into a drawing to win a $100 American Express card.  Sweet treat!  If you have already completed the PRWeek/Bloom, Gross & Associates Salary Survey, thank you.  If you haven’t, please take a few minutes in between partying today and you will be our superhero.  As always, sharing with your friends/colleagues is a very nice thing to do, too!  You have until 11/6/17 to do this  Enjoy your day!

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Pixar Animator Shares Secrets to Telling a Compelling (Company) Story

What does a former Pixar animator and a recruiter have in common? Storytelling. They both have the ability to lure in their audience and sell them their product. Whether that’s purchasing a new movie or accepting a job offer.

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‘We’re trying to go all In’: Chocolate Giants Mars Pledges $ 1 Billion to Fight Climate Change

Unfortunately, our world has been getting hotter and hotter throughout the years due to climate change. Thankfully, Mars has decided to make changes within their companies to protect the earth, and help fight climate change.

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