Professional Recruitment for People in Public Relations and Marketing

Pixar Animator Shares Secrets to Telling a Compelling (Company) Story

What does a former Pixar animator and a recruiter have in common? Storytelling. They both have the ability to lure in their audience and sell them their product. Whether that’s purchasing a new movie or accepting a job offer.

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8 Keys to Foster a Culture of Creativity

As we know creativity in the workforce is a much needed asset in order to keep a business going. This article gives eight helpful tips on how to encourage creativity within the workforce.

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‘We’re trying to go all In’: Chocolate Giants Mars Pledges $ 1 Billion to Fight Climate Change

Unfortunately, our world has been getting hotter and hotter throughout the years due to climate change. Thankfully, Mars has decided to make changes within their companies to protect the earth, and help fight climate change.

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When It Comes to Marketing, Women Are the Original Social Network

According to Pew Research study on U.S. online users, women participate more on major social networks than men. Therefore when it comes to marketing, companies have found creative ways to attract women’s attention to their product.

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Amazon’s Jobs Fair Sends Clear Message: Now Hiring Thousands

As Amazon geared up for its’ first Jobs Day fair in Romeoville, the online tech company main focus was to hire people for warehouse jobs.

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A New Look at Millennials’ Favorite Brands Shows a Few Surprise Climbing the List

According to YouGov BrandIndex, public-perception research firm, millennials are willing to spend money on brands who adapt to current times. In other words, if those companies provide current technology to their consumers they will spend money on them.

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Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Ads Globally

As we know ads are everywhere. From TV commercials to the buses you ride to the websites you visit. You can’t get away from them, and now they’re in your Facebook Messenger. Facebook has come up with an idea to let companies send out ads to people’s messenger. Originally this was first tested out in Australia and Thailand, and after some success Facebook is expanding this worldwide.

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‘I Have a Huge Idea:’ Wyclef Jean Wants to Work with Brands

As we know, companies have been using social media and celebrities to promote their brand, but what would happen if you were to throw music into the mix? Have that artist compose a song for your brand? In this article it has musician Wyclef Jean discuss the idea of this collaboration and the success it would bring.

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Professional Recruitment for People in Public Relations and Marketing

Bloom, Gross & Associates is a boutique public relations recruiting search firm specializing in retained and contingency searches in the areas of marketing, integrated marketing, market research, brand management, public relations, corporate communications and advertising, both in the Chicago market and nationwide.

Trained by AIRS  and holding certifications as Internet Recruiters and Diversity Recruiters, the staff of Bloom, Gross & Associates all have professional social media profiles. Using LinkedIn as a social networking tool, Bloom, Gross & Associates has established two professional groups, focused on discussing pertinent job related issues within key industries: marketing and public relations.

Our highly capable Marketing Associates specialize in marketing and market research searches. They successfully place professionals from the associate managers to the senior executive level at various consumer packaged goods, consumer products, and non-profit organizations.

P&G’s CEO Says Company Will Return to Brand Management

CEO Lafley sees a return to a classical brand-management approach as a way to strengthen its beauty business.

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