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8 Keys to Foster a Culture of Creativity

As we know creativity in the workforce is a much needed asset in order to keep a business going. This article gives eight helpful tips on how to encourage creativity within the workforce.

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When It Comes to Marketing, Women Are the Original Social Network

According to Pew Research study on U.S. online users, women participate more on major social networks than men. Therefore when it comes to marketing, companies have found creative ways to attract women’s attention to their product.

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Facebook Rolls Out Messenger Ads Globally

As we know ads are everywhere. From TV commercials to the buses you ride to the websites you visit. You can’t get away from them, and now they’re in your Facebook Messenger. Facebook has come up with an idea to let companies send out ads to people’s messenger. Originally this was first tested out in Australia and Thailand, and after some success Facebook is expanding this worldwide.

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More Than Half of Millennials Say Instagram Influences Their Purchases

Does Instagram have the ability to influence people’s decision on what to buy? New data suggest it does. According to LendEDU, more than 50% of millennials say that Instagram influences their shopping decisions.

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Google to Launch a Jobs Search Engine

Google is expanding their search engine by partnering with job search providers and launching their own to help find jobs more efficiently.  Initially they plan to work with LinkedIn, Facebook, Careerbuilder, Monster, Glassdoor, and other services.

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Social Media Trends for 2014

Do you know what the future holds?

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BG&A Adds Careers Icon to Their Facebook Page

If you want to check out our current job openings, click on the Careers Icon on our Facebook page.  And, while you are there, be sure to LIKE us.

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40 under 40

We always love this list!  Meet the best and the brighest under 40.

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PMA Announces 2012 Reggie Award Finalists

Awards to be presented at the Reggie Award Gala on March 15, 2012.

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Social Media And Reaction Time

How do you know if you act too fast or too slow?

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