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Pixar Animator Shares Secrets to Telling a Compelling (Company) Story

What does a former Pixar animator and a recruiter have in common? Storytelling. They both have the ability to lure in their audience and sell them their product. Whether that’s purchasing a new movie or accepting a job offer.

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Working from Home Makes You Happier and ‘Massively’ More Productive, According to Science

Should companies let their employees work from home? According to this article, yes. A Singapore company conducted a two-year study where half of its company worked from home and it showed that they were more productive and engaged than those who didn’t.

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Do These 5 Things Right Now to Still Be Employable In a Decade

It’s safe to say that technology has helped candidates become more employable, but will this still apply in the next ten years? According to this article there are five tips that one should do in order to make themselves marketable in the years to come.

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8 Keys to Foster a Culture of Creativity

As we know creativity in the workforce is a much needed asset in order to keep a business going. This article gives eight helpful tips on how to encourage creativity within the workforce.

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What These 5 Leaders Would Ask If They Only Had Time For 1 Interview Question

Imagine walking into an interview prepared to be asked about your work experience but instead you’re being asked about your family or why they shouldn’t hire you. These five employers have created certain questions to ask candidates to weed out the people they don’t want representing their companies.

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What’s Worse Than Being Unemployed? A Bad Job, Say Researchers

According to a study from the University of Manchester, people who have poor quality jobs have higher stress levels than those who are unemployed, and the people who have good jobs have shown improvement in their mental health.

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9 Phrases Smart People Never Use in Conversation

Unfortunately, there are some phrases that can be interpreted in a negative way. Therefore, it’s best to think before you speak.

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Why Employers Hire ‘Curious’ Candidates and How to Demonstrate Curiosity in Interviews

Nowadays, companies are starting to hire candidates who show traits of curiosity when they’re being interviewed. They especially want candidates who are willing to learn new things, are innovative, creative, and empathetic.  So, the next time you’re being interviewed for a job, ask questions. This could be a deal-breaker when it comes to getting the job you want.

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Those Lazy Days

As summer hits, it gets harder and harder to go to work. Productivity drops and some call off to enjoy their summer, causing many companies to hate summer. This article offers up creative ideas on how to make work more enjoyable for employees.

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New Research Explores Why PR CEO Must Drive Industry Diversity

According to this article, CEOs must be more hands on when it comes to including diversity within their companies. They, as leaders, should create an environment that amplifies creativity from all different backgrounds and genders.

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